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Welcome To The Friar Tuck


Sunday Roast AUGUST  19, 2018 :

"The Grand S'Lamb" - Roast Leg of Lamb

It's what's for dinner !!!  Yorkies, Mash, Roasties, Stuffing, Brussels, Garden Pea's, Sweet Corn,  and Gravy...and Stewed Apples

Served at 1:00pm until it's gone

Every Week We Serve  A Different Protein As The Star of The Sunday Roast

Our normal rotation is as follows:

"The Grand S'Lamb" - Roast Leg of Lamb

        then following week

"Sir Loin of Beef" - Slow Roast Beef



Q: Why the name "The Friar Tuck" for your establishment ?

A: Rebecca was born and Raised in Nottingham England, the home of the infamous Robin Hood.  One of Robin's Merry Men was Friar Tuck.  And she just loved the name anyway !

Q: Where is the oldest pub in England located ?

A: Nottingham, England.  "Ye Old  to Jerusalem" was founded in the year 1189 a.d.

New Items


We are constantly adding new items to our retail section.  We will keep you posted with the latest products that we add right here.

1. Spotted Dick

2. Lyle's Black Treacle

3. Lyle's Golden Syrup

4. Cheese Moments

Hours of Operation

Mon       closed
Tues      8 am - 3pm
Wed       8 am - 3pm
Thurs     8 am - 3pm
Fri          8 am - 3pm
Sat           8am - 3pm
Sun          8am - 4pm
NEW Full English Breakfast ALL DAY

Sunday Roast every Sunday.  Roast will always be ready to serve at 1 pm !!! we also serve all of our delicious pies and pasties


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